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Michael Manes

Michael Manes is the choir director/organist for Grace United Methodist Church. He also heads the fine arts department of Greenhill School in Dallas, Texas, where he oversees art, music, drama, speech, debate, and a private music and dance studio. In his 36 years at Greenhill, Michael has taught music to students of all ages, from first graders to high school choir members, has directed the annual spring musical, and has organized Greenhill Singers concert trips to destinations across the country and in Canada.
In addition to serving as a choral director and organist for a variety of churches in Dallas and Fort Worth, Michael served in the U.S. Army in Vietnam from 1970 to 1971, where he was musical director for base theatrical productions and stage crew for the Bob Hope Christmas tour, and choral director and chaplain’s assistant for touring and chapel choirs.
Michael received his Bachelor of Music degree, magna cum laude, from Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, Oklahoma, and his Master of Church Music degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Pastor’s Word: The Power of Persistence

Judith_blogDear Church Family,

A little girl was telling her father about how some of the boys in the neighborhood had set traps to catch birds. He asked her what she did about it. “I prayed that the traps might not catch the birds,” she said. “Anything else?” the father asked. “I prayed that God would keep the birds out of the traps.” “Anything else?” “When the boys weren’t looking, I went and kicked all the traps to pieces.” That is persistent praying!

I have often asked the question, “How does Grace do what Grace does in mission?” I quickly discovered that we have people outside Grace who love and support Grace and we have people inside Grace who continue to write grants for Grace’s missions. THE EXTRAORDINARY PIECE TO ALL THIS, HOWEVER, IS THAT THE PEOPLE CALLED GRACE ARE PERSISTENT!

Persistence leads us to ask not simply what God can do for us, but how our requests might fit into God’s desires for the world. It is not enough to pray for peace if we ourselves are unwilling to be peacemakers, or to pray for the homeless and hungry if we ourselves are unwilling to provide food and shelter for them. There are some prayers that God will not answer without us.

If you have not signed up with the missions committee to bring potato salad, baked beans or cole slaw to the DAIRE center on Saturday, March 16, or if you have not signed up to go along, please consider this your opportunity to be persistent.Thank you for continuing to kick all the traps to pieces!

Grace and Peace, Judith Reedy