Monthly Archives: September 2013

Calling the Heart

Judith Reedy celebrates God’s call to each person, as she shares her call into the ministry, inviting others to respond to God’s call on their heart. The parable of the rich man and Lazarus gets a special look.


Can We Be Honest Just This Once?

Perhaps Jesus celebrates the craftiness of the dishonest manager for reasons not so obvious. Grace UMC continues its 110th anniversary by celebrating its vast range of missions.


Are You Happy with the Company You Keep?

In a month when Grace church celebrates its 110th anniversary, the church looks at its call to diversity and what that means, both from the vantage point of the gospel and of the congregation.


The History of Grace

Former pastor Bill Bryan talks about the history of Grace United Methodist Church.


Pastor’s Word: Diversity

Judith_blogDear Church Family,

Last night at the Bridge Bistro, Bill McElvaney and Zan Holmes said that, as a city, Dallas should form a coalition, especially the churches, to celebrate our diversity. I embrace that and am so excited that we do that at Grace every single day. We celebrate our diversity and find ways to bring one another along on the journey with educational as well as inspirational opportunities.
In the month of September, these opportunities abound! As we anticipate our second Sunday of celebration, we are so excited to have Rev. Dr. Bill Bryan as our guest preacher this Sunday! Bill believes in Grace and has seen its potential and plumbed its potential since before he arrived as its pastor more than 30 years ago!

As an affirmation of that diversity, a world map will be dedicated this Sunday, and each person will have an opportunity in the coming weeks to place a pin in the place where she/he was born!

On Monday night, the ecumenical Bible study with East Dallas Christian begins at the Bonhoeffer House. There is still time to sign up! This is an 8-week study and gives you the privilege of being at the Bonhoeffer and participating in meaningful study and conversation. A sign-up sheet will be available on Sunday. (Just bring yourself and a Bible on this first evening at 6:30pm)

Celebrating our 110th anniversary right along with all of us are two sets of very proud grandparents: Michael and Renee Manes whose first grandchild Downing was born yesterday, and Billie and Wayne Watts whose second grandchild Sawyer was born yesterday! These two little boys have everything going for them! Congratulations!

As excited as I am to be celebrating daily all during the month of September, I do want to thank personally Joanne Callahan for her amazing work and tenacity in July and August. Joanne worked tirelessly to bring us Iron-Jawed Angels , introduce us to the Motts via Alice Montgomery and Chris Hauge, and bring to us two professors from SMU on two separate occasions – Drs. Ted Campbell and Christa deLuzio, experts on Methodist history and women’s history. Thank you, Joanne.

As always, I look forward to seeing you in worship on Sunday.

Grace and Peace,
Judith Reedy