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The Wonders of God

Reverend John Thornburg talks about the dance God invites us into through the love of the Trinity.

Scripture: Psalm 105:1-6


Come Sunday

“Come Sunday,” September 21st, the Charles Winslow jazz ensemble, in tandem with Dr. John Thornburg – preacher of the day – will be gracing these doors at 10:50 AM for a rousing worship service! Featured worship leader and singer Myrna Beckett-Burnside will speak to us with “Come Sunday, and she and the choir will lead us in “Jesus is on the Main Line!”  Of course, you will be invited to sing and march, if you like, with “When the Saints!”  Carve a little of your day out for a memorable experience at the corner of Junius and Haskell! You’ll be glad you did!

Yabbashah or Charabah

Judith talks about the dry ground where we experience God.

Scripture: Exodus 14:19-21

Sermon 91514_mp3

A Place for All?

On this day of remembrance,I pause to ask if there is such a thing as a place for all at one table.  It would seem so, at least on first glance. On any week day, and especially on Sundays, it would seem that at Grace there IS a place for all! But how can that be? What about the differences? We have infants to 104; a panoply of cultures and economic stratas; theological and political differences; gays and straights. How could there possibly be a place for all? Scripturally, it is spot on, but is it realistic? Probably not, but here we are, and I continue to be amazed and appreciative.

It’s September and we are looking forward to a weekend – the 20th and 21st – when we celebrate our history by being a part of the Munger Place Historic Tour, our journey by having spot #34 in the Alan Ross Gay Pride Parade, and our love of music by hosting the Bob Nelson Jazz Worship Service!

I cannot explain it, but I can enjoy and encourage it! Please join us – any time.  #aplaceforallisbiblical



Judith Reedy discusses the Chutzpah that we deal with in our relationship with God.

Scripture: Exodus 3:1-15

Sermon – 83114 MP3