Monthly Archives: June 2018

Isn’t It Ironic–June 10, 2018

Reflecting on the Psalm 138 and Mark 3:20-27, Associate Pastor Eric Markinson considers the surprises of a God who defies our expectations at every turn–loving lives on the margins, calling believers to give their time, lives, and control–!–in faith and praise, service and worship.  God asks us to live into the irony with trust, a bit of humor, and much, much love.  Includes the Chancel Choir’s lovely offering of “Write Your Blessed Name.”

The Sorting Hat–June 3, 2018

Reverend Judith Reedy preaches on Mark 2:23-3:6, where all are included in God’s sabbath rest–because the sabbath was made for all!  People of all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds are sorted into the wide embrace of God’s love: Our response, of course, is to ensure that welcome is spread far and wide.  Includes the Chancel Choir’s offering of Rutter’s “For the Beauty of the Earth.”