April 28th

This morning the DFW metroplex is once again snowed in. Working from home, listening to public radio, I have heard that April 28th is the date announced for the Supreme Court to hear the case on same-sex marriage.
My visceral reaction to hearing an announcement that I knew was coming is the reason I have stopped to blog. As pastor of a reconciling church, I write with great hope for all of those who want to have their union with the one they love not only declared official but recognized as holy. I worship every week with many of these faithful servants of God, and I witness not only their love of one another and family but their love of humanity.
As a student of the scripture which we Christians regard as our principal guide, I have long since understood that the few passages which speak of homosexuality have a more ancient meaning, that the long-touted passage about Sodom and Gomorrah is actually about rape and inhospitality.
My prayer and my hope is that the Supreme Court’s decision will be the catalyst for people to examine their hearts and live into the wide embrace of the gospel.

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