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Responses to God’s Mercy–November 19, 2017

Rev, Judith Reedy begins Grace Church’s Thanksgiving celebration with a heartfelt invitation to be grateful in times of bounty and times of great loss: “I’m trying, thank God.”  For a will to embrace the truth of our lives and listen to others’ truths, we are thankful.  Here is Pastor Judith’s sermon on Luke17:11-19.  Blessed Thanksgiving to all!

All Things New, November 12, 2017–Celebration Sunday!

Rev. Mike Baughman of Union Coffee House joins Grace for Celebration Sunday, offering a generous and inspiring word on Revelation 21:1-5a (as well as a riff on Genesis 1:28).  Includes guest Denise Lee singing and inviting the congregation to Imagine.–Celebration%20Sunday.mp3

This Business of Blessing, 5 November 2017 (All Saints)

Rev Judith Reedy’s All Saints Day Sermon on Matthew 5:1-12, exploring the good and the questionable–at least in human terms–of God’s grace, freely given. It’s a loving tribute to Grace’s beloved dead. Includes Mr Julius Mwangi’s testimony Imagining Dreams of Grace.–5%20November%202017.mp3

The Unveiling–Reformation Sunday, October 29, 2017

Hear Reverend Judith Reedy’s great sermon on Romans 3:21-28–that by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, all humanity is justified (with thanks to Martin Luther, Nadia Bolz Weber and beer!).  Mary K and Lisa Trostmann-Tully’s testimony to Imagine: Dreams of Grace is included.

The Grace that Goes Before Us–October 22, 2017

Associate Pastor Becky David Hensley a generous and powerful word on Matthew 22:15-22–that life is too short not to offer unto God what is God’s–which turns out, of course, to be everything.–22%20October%202017.mp3

The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me–Laity Sunday, October 15, 2017

Associate Pastor Eric Markinson offers the Laity Sunday sermon, with help from “The Rainbow Connection,” on Grace Church being of one heart.  Lector: Diane Dillard, with Josephine Kalondji leading the Morning Prayer.

Philippians 4:1-9

Press On Toward the Light!

Our Pastor, Reverend Judith Reedy, teaches Grace how our circadian rhythms invite us to enter the darkness, in order to be present, fully and lovingly, in the light.!.mp3

Equal by Grace? Unbearable! September 24, 2017 Worship

Here is this week’s “medicine we know we’re supposed to take, from persons we trust, but it doesn’t make it one bit easier to swallow it!” Thanks for this generous message about grace, Rev. Judith Reedy.  Matthew 20:1-16, The Laborers in the Vineyard.

September 17, 2017: “What Kind of God Is This?”

Pastor Judith Reedy’s September 17 Sermon on Exodus 14:19-31, the parting of the Red Sea and God’s salvation.  Enjoy!

Worship 10 September 2017–Anthem, Sermon, and Adam’s Adios

Here are highlights of our September 10 worship–“Amazing Grace,” Rev. Judith’s great sermon on Romans 13, and Rev. Adam White’s tribute to Grace.