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April 28th

This morning the DFW metroplex is once again snowed in. Working from home, listening to public radio, I have heard that April 28th is the date announced for the Supreme Court to hear the case on same-sex marriage.
My visceral reaction to hearing an announcement that I knew was coming is the reason I have stopped to blog. As pastor of a reconciling church, I write with great hope for all of those who want to have their union with the one they love not only declared official but recognized as holy. I worship every week with many of these faithful servants of God, and I witness not only their love of one another and family but their love of humanity.
As a student of the scripture which we Christians regard as our principal guide, I have long since understood that the few passages which speak of homosexuality have a more ancient meaning, that the long-touted passage about Sodom and Gomorrah is actually about rape and inhospitality.
My prayer and my hope is that the Supreme Court’s decision will be the catalyst for people to examine their hearts and live into the wide embrace of the gospel.

Good Timing!

Today the Supreme Court quietly brought our country one step closer to marriage equality. The court denied to review pending appeals to rulings in favor of same-sex marriage in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin. This is a big moment for equality. It means that loving couples in those states can get married immediately, and I paves the way for even more progress. This truly is good news!

It is good timing, coming on the heels of the Pride Parade (see link below to read Nicole Melki’s blog on what that meant to her), arriving the day before the birthday of Desmond Tutu, a passionate Christian bishop with a heart for diversity and equal rights for all, and anticipating the readers’ theatre performances this weekend of The Laramie Project (at Northaven on the 10th and East Dallas Christian on the 11th).

Perhaps this all means that the day is just around the corner for marriage equality in all states. I am happy to be alive and doing ministry in a place that celebrates today.


Come Sunday

“Come Sunday,” September 21st, the Charles Winslow jazz ensemble, in tandem with Dr. John Thornburg – preacher of the day – will be gracing these doors at 10:50 AM for a rousing worship service! Featured worship leader and singer Myrna Beckett-Burnside will speak to us with “Come Sunday, and she and the choir will lead us in “Jesus is on the Main Line!”  Of course, you will be invited to sing and march, if you like, with “When the Saints!”  Carve a little of your day out for a memorable experience at the corner of Junius and Haskell! You’ll be glad you did!

A Place for All?

On this day of remembrance,I pause to ask if there is such a thing as a place for all at one table.  It would seem so, at least on first glance. On any week day, and especially on Sundays, it would seem that at Grace there IS a place for all! But how can that be? What about the differences? We have infants to 104; a panoply of cultures and economic stratas; theological and political differences; gays and straights. How could there possibly be a place for all? Scripturally, it is spot on, but is it realistic? Probably not, but here we are, and I continue to be amazed and appreciative.

It’s September and we are looking forward to a weekend – the 20th and 21st – when we celebrate our history by being a part of the Munger Place Historic Tour, our journey by having spot #34 in the Alan Ross Gay Pride Parade, and our love of music by hosting the Bob Nelson Jazz Worship Service!

I cannot explain it, but I can enjoy and encourage it! Please join us – any time.  #aplaceforallisbiblical