Open Door Preschool


Open-Door Preschool operates as an extended day, intensive educational facility. It is licensed by the state of Texas and serves children from different language backgrounds.

It’s proven that children who can read and write English by the end of the third grade are much more likely to graduate from high school. That leaves non-English speaking children with a huge disadvantage.The Open Door Preschool¬†was created in the 1960s at Grace Church to allow immigrant children to begin school with the language skills they need to succeed.

Open Door fills two large classrooms and two offices in the church basement and enrolls up to 36 children aged three to five each school year. Although most Open Door students are Hispanic, the preschool also receives immigrant children from Refugee Services of Texas and other referral sources, resulting in a variety of native languages represented among the students, including Chinese, Korean, Kirundi, and Spanish.

The school uses a sliding scale for tuition. Grace Church covers overhead costs for rent and utilities.

To learn more, visit the Open Door Preschool website.