Pastor’s Word: Celebrate!

Judith_blogDear Church Family,

This Sunday we celebrate! As always, we celebrate because every Sunday is a resurrection Sunday. This Sunday, we also celebrate because Pastor Mary, as she is affectionately known around Grace, has passed her interview with the Board of Preparations and Qualifications. Glory
Be! Alleluia! I know you will want to congratulate Mary on her fine work in answering her call.

Please take advantage of the many opportunities to be with one another, to reflect, and to take action in one or more of our many Lenten offerings sent to you early this week. It is not too late to sign up. We are just beginning!

Remember our Lenten challenge and look for the sign-up sheet on your way into the sanctuary:

During Lent, skip one meal per week; set aside the money you would have spent on that meal.

During that mealtime, practice a spiritual discipline – reading a scripture, praying, reflecting.

On Easter Sunday, bring the money you saved on those six meals to the church. We will combine all monies and give them to our Bishop’s Zip Code Connection, working to empower those in extreme asset-poverty areas.

Let us take the time to breathe deeply, reflect, and look at one another!

Grace and Peace,

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