Pastor’s Word: Many Thanks

Judith_blogDear Church Family,

When Lucretia and James Mott showed up at our worship service and potluck this past Sunday, I marveled! I was happy they were able to see that times have changed for women since 1848, at least at Grace. When Dr. Ted Campbell and Joanne Callahan joined the Motts to supply us with little known history, including the start of women’s rights from a Wesleyan – Methodist – chapel, we all applauded! Many thanks to those participants, to the education committee who sponsored the event, and to all those who brought food, prepared the Fellowship Hall, and cleaned the Fellowship Hall and Kitchen!

Yes, times have changed since 1848; times have changed since 1865; times have changed since 1920; times have changed just in the past few months. There are more changes needed in many directions and I pray that Grace will continue to be a part of that loving but persistent change.

Wednesday of next week, July 31st, is the last day of Project Transformation 2013 for our children and our volunteers. In Sunday services, at meals, and on the stairs going up to the library to get yet another book, there has been solid evidence that children get excited when they know someone is interested in, and yes, loves them! Thank you, Grace, for your embrace of Project Transformation.

Thank you for your investment in our children. Your communion rail offering this past Sunday for school backpack supplies brought a staggering $682!

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Grace and Peace,
Judith Reedy

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