Pastor’s Word: The Body of Christ

Judith_blogDear Church Family,

“Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part…whether Jew or Greek, slave or free…” That affirmation rings louder this week! Two very significant things happened through the eyes of Grace this week, one in the Supreme Court and one in Fellowship Hall!

Wednesday was a bad day for the Flat Earth Society. DOMA was repealed because Justice Elena Kagan exposed its bigotry. At 10 AM EST Wednesday, Justice Kennedy’s majority opinion meant legally married couples – straight or gay – are to receive the same benefits from the Federal government. I invite you to read the Windsor opinion, and the hope and grace of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s perspective: “The Federal statute is invalid for no legitimate purpose overcomes the purpose and effect to disparage and to injure those whom the State, by its marrying them, sought to protect in personhood and dignity.” Each one of us is a part of the body of Christ.

Thursday night was a good night for Grace and the surrounding community. Under the fine coordination and planning of Jacquelyn Elbel-Sitler, Grace members took their places at their assigned stations in Grace’s new kitchen and turned out a tasty spaghetti dinner with bread sticks that kept us all coming back for more. It was just as Project Transformation directors had hoped – children’s families filled Fellowship Hall, and those in the kitchen came out into the Hall after cooking and sat and ate among all the families, placing themselves throughout the Hall. It was a fine gathering, concluding with Project Transformation children, led by our fabulous team of PT interns, dancing and singing for their parents and Grace friends. Families feasted on cookies prepared and brought by more Grace friends. Truly, each one of us is a part of the body of Christ.

We here at Grace continue to look for opportunities to celebrate our equality and God’s love for all. This week our spirits soar! I look forward to seeing you on Sunday as one of our candidates for the ordained ministry – our own Jonathan Grace – brings the message.

Grace and Peace,
Judith Reedy

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