Verbs, Verbs, Verbs!

Reverend Judith Reedy preaches on the resurrection of Lazarus and the verbs that God is inviting us to live into from the passage.

Scripture: John 11:1-6


2 thoughts on “Verbs, Verbs, Verbs!

  1. Ginger Everitt

    Judith, you are spot on. I didn’t get to come in person today. I am glad I could listen and smile. Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit are right here with us every one. All we have to do is BELIEVE. Thank you for all the Max and Ginger prayers. We (Max, Sacha, and me) are once again walking the lake! We have come out. Thank you for the extended listing on our prayer list. I wondered about it, but you can never have too many prayers. Thanks be to God. We are surely unbound.


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