Worship Service

Every Sunday from 10:50 am till noon, the Grace community comes together for worship. Our service follows a traditional United Methodist format, but also incorporates features that are unique to Grace. For example, we celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday. We also celebrate the diverse ethnicities of our congregation and neighborhood. Sermons at Grace Church are drawn from Scripture readings, current events, and cultural observations. They are lively, educational, provocative, and challenging. Grace sermons are thoughtfully conceived messages based on Biblical wisdom designed to stimulate reflection and spiritual growth.

Scripture is the springboard for my sermons. I explore what a specific biblical passage means and how it can guide our lives. But that’s just the beginning. It’s also important to cover the scripture in relationship to what’s going on in the world today that affects everybody. And finally, as the minister of this specific congregation, I believe it’s important to address the passage in light of their heartaches, joys, and struggles. We celebrate joyful events, such as the DOMA decision, and we lament the tragedies, like the tsunami. –Judith Reedy, Senior Minister

Children’s Sermons At Grace, we take our responsibility to nurture the next generation of Christians very seriously. Every worship service includes a children’s sermon. As children gather near the communion rail, a pastor or adult lay leader translates the scripture reading into simple, meaningful terms that both native-born and immigrant children can grasp. The children’s sermon messages align with the adult sermons so that children can talk with their families about what they have learned after the service. After the Service After worship, the congregation meets in the Parlor for Grace Gathering, an informal reception for members and visitors.