A Diverse, Welcoming, Reconciling Methodist Church Community


Grace United Methodist Church is a diverse community of Christians that strives to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, to love instead of hate, forgive instead of judge, and accept instead of exclude.

We welcome everyone, and that practice is borne out in our congregation. Visit Grace on a Sunday morning and you will see a vibrant mix of people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, sexualities, and genders as well as people with disabilities. We are a diverse community, and we believe that every person is created in the image of God and has a place at Christ’s table.

We live out our faith through ministries. On Sundays, our historic landmark building is a church.  The rest of the week, it’s a preschool, a medical clinic, a legal clinic, a sanctuary for teen mothers, a new monastic community serving the poor, and a community center.  Some of our parishioners are also benefactors of our programs.

With 300 members, Grace is small enough for you to get to know everybody, but big enough to do great things. If you believe you can make a difference in your community and the world. . .if you want to feel equally received and valued among church members. . .we encourage you to come visit us and see if our faith journey aligns with yours. We would be honored to welcome you.

We are a Reconciling Congregation within the United Methodist Church. Our acceptance goes beyond the LGBT community to include all people, and you can see that reflected in our diverse congregation. People are suspicious of church today.  I believe passionately that Christians are called to make a difference in the world.  Grace’s wide-ranging missions reflect who we are as a congregation. Everybody who calls Grace their church wants to improve the community and believes they can make a difference.

–Judith Reedy, Senior Minister
Grace United Methodist Church